Fuel Card

As a trucking company, one of your most significant overhead costs is fuel. Although you are likely already using as many fuel-saving measures as possible for your fleet, it can still be challenging to manage these expenses, particularly when you’re waiting on outstanding invoices from clients.


Fortunately, at Synergy Funding, we are more than aware of the hurdles your company faces, which is why we offer fuel cards for our customers.


What is a Fuel Card?

We’ve partnered with EFS to bring you a flexible and comprehensive card to meet your ongoing fuel needs. With this card, you can get access to a variety of discounts throughout the United States and Canada, which can help you maintain a more efficient bottom line.


Best of all, you can pair your card with our factoring services to load the card with funds quickly and easily. If you already factor your invoices with us, ask your representative about how we can connect your account to the card.


Finally, we have several tools to help you find the best prices on diesel in both the US and Canada, so even without the discounts, you can be sure that you’re not overpaying for fuel.

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