About Us

When you use a factoring company like us, we can provide you with immediate cash based on an outstanding invoice. In most cases, we can deliver up to 90 percent of the funds up front and on the same day. From there, your clients still pay the invoice within their term, but we collect the funds. Once payment is made in full, you receive the rest of the cash, minus our (low) factoring rate.

The modern world relies on trucking more than ever. On-demand delivery and a growing reliance on shipping mean that trucking companies are on the front lines of emerging markets and growth sectors.


Because these businesses are so vital to our economic infrastructure, it’s imperative that they have the tools they need for financial flexibility and stability. That’s where Synergy Funding comes in.


Our name reflects the pioneering spirit of our clients. We’ve helped freight and trucking companies across the United States and Canada get access to flexible funding options so that they stay on target and experience continued success.


We are committed to helping our clients meet their financial goals by offering a wide array of services that provide the flexibility and stability they deserve. A considerable part of our foundation has been fast and efficient service, whether our clients give us a call, send us a message online, or walk through the door.


Our customers are on the front lines, and we are too. This is Synergy Funding.